"...really captured people's imaginations worldwide." -- KBUT radio interview with Tom Loughlin

"...many Americans maintain an inaccurate image of the Iranian people." -- America.gov images

"the debate starts with simple reality that we're all human beings." -- America.gov, interview with Tom Loughlin

"another amazing artist has brought us back to: love." -- Persianesque Magazine, interview with Tom Loughlin

"Combining the inquisitiveness of journalism and the aesthetic compassion of art, the result is something like a 3-D interactive documentary."-- Zing Magazine

"[S]uperficial… promote[s] the Iranian regime's agenda to convince world leaders to use "diplomacy" and not violence as a means to deal with them."-- Denver Post

"Iran exhibit garners appreciation and outrage."-- Longmont Times-Call

"[M]oving and magical…visual poetry."-- Rocky Mountain News

"Best visual presentation at the DNC."-- Rocky Mountain News

"Although the installation makes no direct statement about Iranian-American relations, it has already stirred considerable controversy."-- Denver Post

"Photo exhibit on Iran being set up in Civic Center."-- Rocky Mountain News

"Upon parting she pleads, 'I just started the university, and I want to finish. Please don't bomb us."-- Crested Butte Weekly

"Officials in St. Paul deny the Iran theme had anything to do with the park Loughlin was granted."-- St. Paul Pioneer Press

"A one-of-a-kind exhibit."-- digitalphotopro.com







"take a closer look at the similarities between 'us and them' " -- Inside Iran

"Western demonization of Iran is not a new phenomenon - it dates back to the time of Herodotus. What's fascinating to me is that we in the United States can't seem to move away from that narrative." -- ParsArts, interview with Tom Loughlin

"There have been a wide variety of reactions" -- Boing Boing

"it is dangerous to present such a unified Iran" -- France and Iran

"we are all sacred, we are all connected, we are all in this together" -- Strongheart

"this is an amazing, beautiful project" -- La Guera le Gustas

"Americans Come Face-to-Face with Iranians" -- niacINsight

"[N]ow Denver's Civic Center Park is forever Islamic. Great work, everybody." -- Little Green Footballs

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"Th[is] mindset is going to destroy America eventually." -- Free Dominion

"It is so refreshing to see INFORMED and caring Americans supporting peace in the world..." -- Common Dreams

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"[B]rutality is the only thing muslims understand and respect." -- The Gateway Pundit

"a veritable Potemkin Village of how wonderful life is in Iran."  -- Atlas Shrugs

"The best exhibit, in my biased opinion, …a terrific art installation…" -- DNC Crashers Blog

"The project is an effective way to humanize the people of Iran in a way that our Resident Warmongers and Main Stream Media seem incapable of doing." -- The Michigan Liberal

"It’s a wonderful life…in Iran: Iranian propaganda tent outside DNC." -- Islamic Alert

"[A] mosque is juxtaposed with Denver's City and County Building prior to sunset." -- The Journalist-Citizen

"I felt like I was inside a Persian palace. Naturally, there was a “Jesus Freak” standing right in front of the entrance." -- Asma Hasan's Blog

"This is an example of an all too common militant Jihadi style." -- Looking at the Left

"If a Christian group tried to put up a pop up church on the mall, the ACLU would have been in court to take it down." -- The Right Truth

"The tent, filled with semi-transparent images of Iranian people, provided a shady, eye-opening respite from Monday's heat." -- The Steamboat Pilot

"After a long day of travel, it was quite striking." -- Media Bistro

"Perhaps the most unusual display: a purple and blue tent in the shape of a mosque with photos of people from Iran." -- Colorado Hometown Blog

"It’s past time we stepped back and looked at our beloved America." -- Thoughts for Discerning Americans

"Anyone who tries to save Iran from the jaws of the American warmongers and to bridge the hearts of the ordinary Americans to the soul of the Iranians; is my hero." -- The Tales from the Zirzameen

"The exhibit is of course intended to …dissuade any of the Democratic party faithful from ever wanting any military option with Iran, because, they have such interesting architecture and attractive women there." -- Military Photos Forum

"[T]he reason the Iranians have chosen to place a Mosque at the site of the Democratic Nation Convention is more than just the obvious (Obama's their pick)...Iran hates the American government and so do the lefties in this country!" -- Liberty News Forum

"All in all, quite a beautiful effect." -- Hugh Graham Creative Blog

"No matter what your government tells you about Iran, the people who live there are human beings, too." -- Organic Consumers Forum

"[T]he most moving exhibit..." -- mybarackobama.com



"…and I wondered if it was some odd monument to Muqtada al-Sadr put up by some sectarian group. It was actually a wonderful "Images of Iran" display …" -- Icono-Curmudgeon-Clast

"DNC Protest Day Three," -- posted on YouTube

"DNC Art Project Civic Center," -- posted on YouTube



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